DataScramble.mdb (intermediate)

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Access 97 (77 KB)

This form allows you to scramble data in a table for confidentiality reasons. It does this by creating a separate, temporary table with all the values of the field you want to scramble. Then is starts at the top record of the main table and copies random values from the temporary table back into the main table. As each value is copied back in, it is deleted from the temporary table.

Repeat this process for each field and the records will be thoroughly scrambled. Note: You must temporarily remove any unique indexes on a field, before you scramble it. You can re-establish it after the scrambling is done. Do not attempt to do this on Primary Keys, but you may use this on Foreign Keys.

To use this form, simply copy it into any access database. It will find all the tables and field names. Two temporary table are added to the database for this process. When you close the form, they are erased. If they are not, just open and close the form again.

To scramble Text data WITHIN A FIELD, see my sample CharacterScramble.mdb.




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