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Forum Name: Tejpal, A.D.
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Printed Date: 19 Jul 2018 at 1:56am

Topic: Crosstab_CalendarStyleTaskPlanner.mdb
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: Crosstab_CalendarStyleTaskPlanner.mdb
Date Posted: 09 Jul 2008 at 11:08pm
    22-Jun-2012: Next / Prev buttons provided for year / month
    21-Jun-2012: Initial focus on current day if year month
        is current - otherwise first day of month.
Explanatory Notes:
    This sample db demonstrates a task planner. On selection of person, year 
and month, a wall calendar matching the month/year gets displayed. The user can 
enter planned tasks directly into this calendar. 
    As the space available in each date cell of the calendar is limited, supplementary 
remarks can be entered in a memo field displayed in a large text box at bottom of 
calendar. As the user moves into a date cell, control source for this memo field text 
box gets dynamically re-assigned so as to match the selected date. Active date cell 
gets highlighted in light yellow back color, matching that of the remarks text box.
    As and when desired, latest status of data entry in this calendar, which is in 
crosstab format, can be saved back to the source table in normalized manner, by 
clicking the Save button which becomes enabled whenever the form gets dirty.
    For the given person and month/year, calendar report gets generated by clicking 
the appropriate command button. This report displays the status of task planning for 
the selected month/year just like a wall calendar. While individual date cells in the 
calendar show brief mention of planned tasks, date-wise supplementary remarks 
are displayed at the bottom of report.
    Note: While entering data in date cells, it would be preferable to keep it brief so 
as to fit in the limited display area. Supplementary remarks for each date can be 
entered in the large text box (representing a memo field) at bottom.

Version: Access 2000 File Format
Reference: DAO 3.6
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