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Topic: BackUpManager.mdb
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: BackUpManager.mdb
Date Posted: 10 Jul 2008 at 1:40am
(Updated on 26-May-2009)
Explanatory Notes

    This is a utility for backing up all types of files and folders. In case of a folder, all the subfolders and files contained therein also get backed up.

    Multiple profiles can be created, suiting varying backup needs. These profiles can group the available files / folders into any manner as desired e.g. importance, periodicity of backup, relevance to a particular project etc. For a given file or folder, there is no limit to the number of different profiles in which it can be included.

    If the selection happens to include any Access database files, compaction  gets carried out simultaneously, depending upon user's choice. Compaction is performed on a temporary copy of the file, eliminating the scope for any adverse effect on  the original file.

    Multiple Files can be selected at a time for insertion as source files. Paths for destination files and folders are assigned automatically, using the drive farthest removed from the source one (Destination paths can be modified by user if desired).

    BackUp copies get date time stamped as well, depending upon user's choice.

    In XP version, FileDialog object is used for activating Files & Folder Picker dialog boxes, while in 2K version, API calls are used. (Both versions are in Access 2000 File Format)

    It is recommended that the additional notes for user, as given below, are carefully gone through, before commencing use of main program.

    Versions: Access 2K and XP (Both in Access 2000 file format)

        (a) XP version -
            Microsoft Scripting Runtime
            Microsoft Office 10.0 Object Library

        (a) 2K version -
            Microsoft Scripting Runtime
Additional Notes For User:

    01 - To Insert New Source Files - Double Click Source File Field. This Will Open The File Picker Dialog Box. Multiple Files Can Be Selected For Insertion At A Time.
    02 - To Insert New Source Folder Alone (w/o Files), Double Click Source Directory Field. This Will Open The Folder Picker Dialog Box.
    03 - Default Values For Destn Directory/File can be altered by user if desired (New Directory Will Be Created If Not Existing).
    04 - To Select Specific Destination Directory - Double Click Destination Directory Field.
    05 - Clicking Of Option Button (For Date Time Stamping) At Top Updates The Existing Value For Destn File Accordingly (Only If The Check Box Is In Selected State).
    06 - To Select/Deselect All Check Boxes At Once - Double Click Last_BkUp Column.
    07 - Display Is Arranged As Per Source Directory And FileName (Ascending)
    08 - Selection Of Checkbox Inserts Default Values For Destn Directory And File (Only If Empty)
    09 - Grey Color For Last_BkUp Indicates The Date Of Last Back Up is Earlier Than The Current Date.
    10 - If Only Source Directory Is Entered (i.e. Source File Is Blank), The Source Folder (Including All It's SubFolders And Files) Will Get Copied To The Destn Folder - The Destn Folder Will Get Date Time Stamped (If appropriate option button is in selected state)
    11 - Files/Folders Freshly Added In Current Session Are HighLighted In Maroon Color.
    12 - Failure In Making BackUp Is Indicated By Pink Color In Last_BkUp Field.
    13 - For Changing The Destination Drive (Of Items Where CheckBox Is In Selected State) To The Value Selected In Combo Box At Left, Click The Command Button At Top Right.
    14 - For linking the files / folders to various profiles, click the command button named Edit Profile. In the profile editor, select the desired file / folder in the datasheet at left and enter the desired profile string in the datasheet at right. A given file or folder can be included in as many different profiles as desired.
    15 - Any Access Database File If Selected For BackUp Gets Compacted As Well (If so desired by user). Compaction is performed on a temporary copy of the file, eliminating the scope for any adverse effect on  the original file.

    Note: Occasionally, on the first run, if the check boxes have been selected indirectly (by double click in Last_BkUp column), a message "Data was changed" might appear instead of copy action. Simply try again - it will be OK.

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