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Database Design

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Topic: Database Design
Posted By: Roger Carlson
Subject: Database Design
Date Posted: 20 Jul 2008 at 11:01pm

What follows are some topics important to proper database design.  Following these are several examples of database design problems and their solutions.

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uploads/5/ - 12-Steps to Better Databases


**Note: The PROCESS is the important thing here.  It may be that I have made a mistake in the actual modeling.  That will come out in the discussions with the customer and the prototyping.  But pay attention to the process that went into the examples. ** - (stores information about students in a college class) - (small catering business) - (Gender Non-specific Scouts of America) - (a high school fund-raising program ) - (stores information for the Widget Trade Show)

Design Links:

  • -
    Here are some useful 'Kick-Start' Data Models
    Also, check out these sites:
  • -;en-us;q209534 -;EN-US;164172 -;en-us;q234208 -
  • - Database planning tutorial Part I
  • - Database planning tutorial Part II
  • - argeedblu's FAQ on Design Strategies
  • - Noah's FAQ on Normalization
  • - Jerry's FAQ on Normalization
  • - GroverParkGeorge's PDF on Normalization
  • - Jerry’s FAQ on Fully Qualified Naming
  • - Jerry's FAQ on Glossary
  • - Danny's FAQ on Reserved Words
  • - Autonumbers - What They Are / Are Not
  • - Primary Keys - Natural vs Surrogate
  • - Naming Conventions - Hungarian Notation
  • - Crystal's ACCESS Basics for Programming
  • - Rules of Data Normalization
  • - MSKB 283878: Description of the database normalization basics
  • - The Evils of Lookup Fields in Tables

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