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ConditionalFormatting.mdb (beginner)

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Topic: ConditionalFormatting.mdb (beginner)
Posted By: Roger Carlson
Subject: ConditionalFormatting.mdb (beginner)
Date Posted: 01 Aug 2008 at 7:03am

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Traditionally, conditional formatting in Access was accomplished through the use of VBA code.  If I wanted to change the format of a field based on it’s value, I’d do something like this to change the background color of the Balance field based on its value.

Select Case Me!txtBal
   Case Is < 2500
      Me!txtBal.BackColor = vbWhite
   Case Is < 5000
      Me!txtBal.BackColor = vbGreen
   Case Is < 7500
      Me!txtBal.BackColor = vbYellow
   Case Is >= 7500
      Me!txtBal.BackColor = vbRed
End Select

or maybe this to format fields based on the value in another field (Check14).

If Me!Check14 = True Then
  Me!txtDesc.BackColor = vbRed
  Me!Acct.ForeColor = vbRed
  Me!txtDesc.BackColor = vbBlue
  Me!Acct.ForeColor = vbBlue
End If

This works well in Single Form view, but not so well in Continuous Form View or Datasheet View.

The problem is that formatting with VBA affects all records the same. This is fine in Single Form view, because you can only see one.

So to solve this problem, Microsoft introduced Conditional Formatting to Access Forms and Reports. I’m going to concentrate on forms here, but the same applies to reports.

Conditional Formatting is built into the form controls themselves.  So to set it, you need to open the form in Design View to get at the control properties.

You need to select the control (in this case a textbox) , the FORMAT tab on the Ribbon, and then Conditional Formatting.

In this sample, I concentrate on comparing to values within the current record, so I’ll leave the top rule type selected.

The next step is to choose the Field Value Is drop down box.  It will have 3 choices: ....

To read more, download the sample.
Access 2003 (.mdb):" rel="nofollow -

Access 2010 (.accdb): uploads/5/" rel="nofollow -

This does not work with Access 97 and earlier.  For those, see my sample" rel="nofollow - Consider donating $1 per sample downloaded," rel="nofollow - find out why here .<

Posted By: Roger Carlson
Date Posted: 10 Jun 2016 at 10:02am
Updated sample with complete documentation.

Consider donating $1 per sample downloaded," rel="nofollow - find out why here .<

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