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Topic: Form_TimeLineDisplay
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: Form_TimeLineDisplay
Date Posted: 25 Aug 2008 at 2:07am
Author:  A.D. Tejpal


    This sample db demonstrates display of scheduled time slots as a TimeLine graph. 

    Basic data is held in normalized manner in table T_Plan. In its simple form, this table has fields PDate (date type), Task (text type), StartTime and EndTime (both Date/Time type). Table T_Time, populated with 15 minute time slots (strings in format "hh:nn") covering the 24 hours in a day, serves as the master template.  

    Query Q_TimeLine_1 uses a Cartesian join between tables T_Plan and T_Time. Its output is filtered so as to show only those records where the time slot in table T_Time happens to intersect the scheduled booking in table T_Plan (StartTime to EndTime)

    Crosstab query Q_TimeLine_2, using Q_TimeLine_1, provides the final output, showing the columns for each individual master timeslot. Booked time slots carry the value 1. This feature is used to highlight the booked slots via conditional formatting. Bookings falling between 06:00 to 22:00 Hrs are shown in light blue while those falling outside this period are shown in pink.

    As the user enters start and end times, TimeLine graph representing the up-to-date status gets displayed in the subform at bottom. For ready reference, the gist of bookings for the given date and task is also displayed.

    In order to facilitate overall view of time scheduling for various tasks on different dates, Following reports are also included:
    (a) R_TimeLine_SortedByDateTask
    (b) R_TimeLine_SortedByTaskDate

    Note - If a crosstab query is used as record source for a subform having Master/Child linkage, it is necessary to explicitly set the Column Headings property of the query (comma separated list of desired field names - each within double quotes).  

Version: Access 2000 File Format
References: DAO 3.6 
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