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ParseMultivalueFieldTonormalizedStructure A2K-A2K3

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Topic: ParseMultivalueFieldTonormalizedStructure A2K-A2K3
Posted By: Roger Carlson
Subject: ParseMultivalueFieldTonormalizedStructure A2K-A2K3
Date Posted: 10 Apr 2009 at 3:43am
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This sample illustrates how to write values from a multiple valued field (not the Access 2007 multi-value field) into a normalized Many-to-Many structure.  The original table is called "ContactsDownloadMultivalue". The contact information is written into "tblContacts". The category information from the multiple valued field is written to "tblCategories"

Then a record is created in jtblContactCategory junction table, establishing the many-to-many relationship.

To run the code, open Module1, place the cursor in the subroutine, and click Run.

Access 2000-2003 version: -
Level: Intermediate. Requires knowledge of VBA programming.

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