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Distributing an Updated Access Application

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Topic: Distributing an Updated Access Application
Posted By: Steve Schapel
Subject: Distributing an Updated Access Application
Date Posted: 04 Jul 2009 at 12:28pm
Distributing an Updated Access Application to a Network
I have a number of clients for whom I have been developing Access applications, based on the principle of “managed specification creep”.  They are constantly coming up with requests for changes, or new functionality that needs to be added.  These applications will never be finished.  I imagine that this may be a familiar scenario to some other freelance developers.

In one case, my client has even established a “Steve To-Do List” spreadsheet, which staff add items to at an average rate of several per month.  Sometimes I am preparing version updates for them several times per week.

For some time, I would get in my car, drive to my client’s office, install the updated front-end file to each of the 7 PCs, and drive home again.  Then I started looking for more efficient ways of doing it.  I know that a lot of others have come up with good solutions to this type of problem.  For example, see - for an excellent utility written by Tony Toews.

But in the end, this is how I did it.  For me, it is a suitably simple approach which is applicable to a specific client situation...

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