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Random Picker for Access by Crystal

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Topic: Random Picker for Access by Crystal
Posted By: Crystal Long
Subject: Random Picker for Access by Crystal
Date Posted: 24 May 2012 at 9:15am
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Have you ever wanted to be able to pick a random record? From ANY table or query?

Now it is easy! All you need is ONE form: f_RANDOM_PICKER
All the necessary code is behind this form.  There is a sample table and a few sample queries so you can see how the Random Picker works -- you will use your own tables and queries once this form is in your working database.

To bring the Random Picker into another database, all you have to do is:
1. import the f_RANDOM_PICKER form into your working database
2. compile and save database
3. open the f_RANDOM_PICKER form

When the form opens, there is a combobox that shows the names of your tables and select queries. Choose whatever you want! Then click the "Pick a Winner" command button

For more details and a listing of the code, visit:

Random Picker Form
... import form into any Access database
use combobox to choose table or query
by Crystal -

written as an example for this video on picking a winner -

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ contents of ZIP:
1. DB_RandomPicker_Crystal_110602.accdb

database in Access 2007 format with the f_RANDOM_PICKER form, a
sample table, and sample queries.  The form is all you need to import into another database to run the Random Picker

2. ReadMe_RandomPicker~Crystal.txt

information similar to what you are reading in this post

3. screen shots:

s02_RandomPicker_Pick Table or Query_ Datasheet view.png

Feedback is appreciated, thank you

Warm Regards,

Microsoft MVP
remote programming and training

Access Basics by Crystal -
Free 100-page book that covers essentials in Access -

   (: have an awesome day :)

Warm Regards,
Microsoft MVP
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~have an awesome day ~

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