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Random Picker for Excel by Crystal

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Topic: Random Picker for Excel by Crystal
Posted By: Crystal Long
Subject: Random Picker for Excel by Crystal
Date Posted: 24 May 2012 at 9:39am
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Pick one or more random values from any column of data on a worksheet.

The example workbook contains sample information so you can see how this works.  To use the random picker in another workbook, you will need the userform f_RandomPicker, and the module, mod_RandomPicker_Excel.

1. press Alt-F8 for a list of macros
2. run --> Show_RandomPicker
(make sure you enable macros if this file is not in a Trusted Location)

A UserForm will pop up

1. the number of picks you want (ie: 5)
2. the first cell to write picks to (ie: C1)
3. the first cell that has the data you want to pick from (ie: C8)  - make sure there are NO blank rows in the data because Excel will stop looking
4. if multiple picks are desired, you can specify to write the values down (vertical) or across (horizontal)
5. click OK to run the random picker program

each time you click OK, new random values will be generated and will replace what is in the specified cells
it is possible to get duplicates as the code does not check for uniqueness

click Cancel when you are done with the Random Picker form

if you also wish to display the random numbers that were generated next to (or below) each Pick, check --> Write random number(s) also

Using the random picker is demonstrated here:

Learn Excel 2010 - "Random Chooser":Podcast #1531, by Bill "MrExcel" Jelen -

Feedback is appreciated, thank you

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