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Document Form, Report, & Control Properties

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Topic: Document Form, Report, & Control Properties
Posted By: Crystal Long
Subject: Document Form, Report, & Control Properties
Date Posted: 03 Jun 2012 at 9:15am
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Document Form, Report and Control Properties

How many times have you tried to find an error in a property setting? A function that is wrong in an event property? A setting in the wrong place?

Do you want an easy way to document the RowSources of all combos and listboxes?

How about a list of all control names and control sources?

All this is possible with the module in the attached database, bas_Crystal_Doc_Objex_090702

To find calculated fields, filter Doc_cPropz for =*   
To find controls with code, filter for [Event Procedure] or =*   

This is very powerful -- but you will have to write your own queries and reports on the data.  
Import the 4 tables +1 module into the db to document. 

'Doc_Objex  - names of Forms and Reports and the main properties
'Doc_Controlz - Control Name/Type.
'Doc_cPropz - control properties
'Doc_ObjErrors - errors
'bas_Crystal_Doc_Objex_090702 - module

Read module comments and Field Descriptions.

to clear data:
1. open Doc_Objex
2. press Ctrl-A to select all the records
3. press the DELETE key to delete the selected records

The relationships have Cascade Delete set so all related records will automatically be deleted.

This tool has been designed to hold just one analysis as there is no field to group the objects that were analyzed.  The best way to distinguish different time of analysis is the dtmAdd field, which is the date and time that a record was created.

Feedback is appreciated, thank you

Warm Regards,

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