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video - Office App Store: JavaScript API Tutorial

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Topic: video - Office App Store: JavaScript API Tutorial
Posted By: Crystal Long
Subject: video - Office App Store: JavaScript API Tutorial
Date Posted: 04 Feb 2014 at 12:56pm

New! free video tutorial on YouTube

Office App Store: JavaScript API Tutorial for Office using Excel 2013 (cc)" rel="nofollow -

What are the new apps for Office?
Learn what they are and how you can get started using and building them.

1. download an app from the Microsoft Store
2. Create a new workbook using Excel 2013
3. Insert an app from the store on an Excel spreadsheet
4. set Excel Options so you have permission to run the app
5. review Code to read from and write data to Excel.

Learn what to do for the steps that are missing in the instructions.

What is the difference between Markup and Code?

In an Office app, HTML is used to layout what will be displayed. JavaScript is the programming language.

*** Original Music  ***

Jubal Lee Young" rel="nofollow -

*** Links ***

Office Developers Center - will be redirected" rel="nofollow -

API tutorial for Office" by Microsoft in the app store" rel="nofollow -

JavaScript API for Office" rel="nofollow -

Context object" rel="nofollow -

Context.document property" rel="nofollow -

Document object" rel="nofollow -

Document.setSelectedDataAsync method" rel="nofollow -

AsyncResultStatus enumeration (apps for Office)" rel="nofollow -

AsyncResult.value property" rel="nofollow -

AsyncResult.status property" rel="nofollow -

Document.getSelectedDataAsync method" rel="nofollow -

CoercionType enumeration" rel="nofollow -

Asynchronous programming in apps for Office" rel="nofollow -

Office Store FAQ" rel="nofollow -

Microsoft Store Provider Page" rel="nofollow -

Apps in the Office Store" rel="nofollow -

Overview of apps for Office" rel="nofollow -

Fundamentals for developing task pane and content apps" rel="nofollow -

How to: Publish an app for Office that is packaged as an autohosted app for SharePoint" rel="nofollow -

for more information on HTML
- what it is and where it came from, watch:
2a Windows Phone - XAML Controls, Markup Languages" rel="nofollow -

"Developing Apps for Office 2013" forum" rel="nofollow -

happy learning!

Warm Regards,
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~have an awesome day ~

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