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Forum Name: Tejpal, A.D.
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Printed Date: 19 Jul 2018 at 2:58pm

Topic: Query_Pedigree.mdb
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: Query_Pedigree.mdb
Date Posted: 07 Jul 2008 at 11:13pm
This sample db demonstrates tracking of pedigree for cats upto 8th 
generation level. Base data is contained in table named T_Cats.

For convenience, identifier strings named ParentType are also generated. For 
example SS_2 means Sire > Sire, culminating in Gen Level 2.  Similarly, DSDSD_5 
means Dam > Sire > Dam > Sire > Dam, culminating in Gen Level 5.

In order to overcome the table limit inherent in nested queries with multiple tables 
(leading to the message that the query is too complicated), interim tables 
(T_Ped_6_01 to 04) have been used to store the results of sixth generation 
queries. These tables have in turn been used as the base for 7th generation 

 With each higher generation level, additional columns get created in geometric 
progression. For proper presentation of final results and for smooth report 
generation, the output of these queries has been normalized (converting the 
columns into records) and appended to table T_Ped.

Although it does not take too long to process the existing data of 1175 records 
simultaneously without any filters, it is recommended that while generating the 
report, suitable range of ID's is selected. Otherwise, the unfiltered report containing 
pedigree information for all cats in source data will span more than 1800 pages.

In the results displayed immediately after processing of data, the record for original 
cat in each case is shown high-lighted in distinct color, while the records for 
parents are highlighted in separate colors for Male/Female. Similar pattern has 
been adopted for the report. 

Progress bar has been provided on data processing form. Existing 1175 records 
translate into an output of more than 20,000 records, taking approx. 26 

Download Access XP (A2K format): -

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