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Topic: NotesHierarchical.mdb
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: NotesHierarchical.mdb
Date Posted: 08 Jul 2008 at 10:24pm
This sample db demonstrates handling of performance notes in an organization. 
Persons in administrative position are assigned various levels. For example the top 
boss has level 1. Managers next in command, each have level 2. Supervisors next 
in command, each have level 3. General employees do not have any level 
assigned to them.
Though three level administrative set up is shown in the db, it can be adapted to 
any number of levels, simply by assigning levels 4, 5 & so on. In order to identify 
clear chain of command, the immediate boss for each employee is identified via 
BossID.  For top boss, BossID field is blank.
Performance notes for a given employee as selected, can be recorded at various 
levels by his superiors in direct chain of command. A person in senior position can 
not alter the notes recorded by those below him (but can view the same). The row 
source for combo box meant for selecting employee is set dynamically in such a 
manner that it is confined only to those in direct chain of command under the 
selected noter. This involves recursive reference to BossID field in employees 
table, implemented via user defined function.
Any person in administrative position, wishing to record a note, has to log in using a 
password. On successful log in, the noter has full read/write access to his own 
notes for the selected employee. At the same time, all the notes for this employee, 
as recorded by other noters (only those in the chain of command below the current 
noter) get displayed, but in read-only state.
The notes table, has a Yes/No field named Sent. When Sent is set to true, the 
note in question can no longer be edited, even by the person who recorded it 
originally. More-over, once set to True, it can no longer be re-set to False and no 
back dated note can be created. For example, if note dated 31-Dec-2006 for a 
given combination of employee and noter has been marked sent, and we are now 
in year 2007, any new note with date prior to 31-Dec-2006 can not be created this 
noter for the given employee.

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