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Topic: HighLightDataSheetRows.mdb
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: HighLightDataSheetRows.mdb
Date Posted: 08 Jul 2008 at 10:46pm
This sample db demonstrates highlighting of datasheet rows in following styles
Current Row
Alternate Rows

Certain Special features
Anchor Row - In both alternatives (a) & (b) above, user can pinpoint any row as an
anchor row (if desired), by double clicking on it. The anchor row gets highlighted in
a special color and continues in this state, till some other row is pinpointed as the
new anchor row. If any existing Anchor row is to be put back to normal (without
pinpointing a new one), simply double click it again.

Over-riding conditional highlighting of individual cells (if desired) as per specified
criteria. In the sample db, Stock field gets special highlight if the value falls below
100. This special highlight holds good even when the row as a whole is highlighted
as current/alternate/anchor row.

In case of alternate row highlighting, the form, on opening, has color on odd rows.
For replacing it with color on even rows, simply double click on any even numbered
row. For reverting back to color on odd numbered rows, double click on any odd
numbered row.

Note - The technique used is completely non-obtrusive. It does not need any
special field (e.g. Yes/No or counter) to be added to the source table. No updating
or editing of source data is involved. No label or unbound text box is used. Only
requirement is that the source table should have a field holding unique values. In
this db, ID is such a field (autonumber type).

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