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Topic: Forms_ReGroupRecords.mdb
Posted By: A.D. Tejpal
Subject: Forms_ReGroupRecords.mdb
Date Posted: 08 Jul 2008 at 10:55pm
This sample db demonstrates movement of records amongst groups. The example 
covers an electrical distribution system comprising of circuits & lamps. It shows how 
the user can re-assign selected lamps from one circuit to another.
Subform A at left displays the lamps belonging to destination circuit (Circuit A), as 
selected in the combo box. Subform B at right displays all other lamps (not 
belonging to circuit A).
Lamps selected in Circuit B (subform at right) get transferred to Circuit A (subform at 
left). The transferred records get inserted just after the current cursor position in 
subform A. The user can determine the precise insertion point by suitable 
placement of cursor in this subform, before clicking the command button for moving 
the records. Freshly moved lamps get highlighted in special color in suform A. 

Lamp in newly inserted records get renumbered by suffixing .001, .002 etc just after 
the lamp number below which the insertion takes place. Overall numbering for the 
current circuit in subform A, can be dressed up by clicking the command button for 
renumbering. This gets rid of the extra decimal suffix and renumbers all the lamps in 
proper sequence, retaining their intended sort order.

Three categories of lamp numbering are demonstrated as follows:
    (a) Pure digits (four digits format).
    (b) Prefix "FL-" followed by four digits - denoting fluorescent lamps.
    (c) Prefix "SV-" followed by four digits - denoting sodium vapor lamps.
    (a) If it is anticipated that the number of lamps per circuit might exceed 9999, the 
         length of format string ("0000") used in re-numbering module, can be 
         increased suitably.
    (b) Freshly moved lamps acquire the existing prefix (if any) for the current record 
         in subform A, below which the insertion takes place.
    (c) On renumbering in subform A, digital sequence for each group of lamps (as 
         identified by the prefix), starts at "0001".
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