Miscellaneous Library

I believe these programs to be either free or Shareware.  They came from a variety of sources.  If anyone has any specific information regarding copyright infringement of anything listed here, please contact me and I will remove it immediately.
Note: By downloading these samples, you agree that you intend to use them in accordance with the copyright agreement and that you are using them at your own risk.


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This is a nice little ER diagramming tool. 
Developed for Grand Valley State University Copyright 1999 Brian Ensink and Nenad Jukic   The ERD Program is a tool that can be used to create entity relationship diagrams or ERDs using Chen notation. The program supports the following types of items:
Strong, weak and associative entities
Regular, multivalued, composite, and derived attributes
Regular, identifying, binary and higher degree relationships.

MouseWheel.zip (Access 2000)
This dll allows attempts to navigate between records in a bound Access form using the MouseWheel to be trapped. Subsequent action can be taken in standard VBA. Tested in A2000. Not tested in other versions so far.

An example .mdb is not provided, because the .htm file describes how to create an example from std resources.  Any feedback can be to jpawson@netcomuk.co.uk

Relink.mdb (Access 97)
This form mimics the function of the Linked Table Manager. You will need to manually link some tables from another database first. The form is self sufficient, and needs no support other than some linked tables to manage. I did not originate this form, and don't know who did.  

The PDS Security Tool 97 (Access 97)
This application was suggested for inclusion on this list by a third party, not Doug Silver, the developer.  The website listed in the accompanying documentation ( www.pdsconsulting.com ) does not seem to exist.  If anyone has any information about the developer or newer versions of this application, I would like to hear from you.    

Microsoft JetComp 4.0 (Access 2000)

Microsoft Jet Database Engine version 3.51 service pack 3 and JetComp (Access 97)
Provides several updates to the way the Jet database engine interacts with server databases, Microsoft Excel, Paradox, VBA expressions, the TEXT ISAM and some modifications to Replication. This version of Jet also offers an improved Compact utility that combines Compact and Repair into. The Jet database engine now generates an error if it encounters a problem during the Compact process and then creates the MSysCompactError table in the destination database. This Readme file includes sample code that allows you to easily view rows of data in which the Jet database engine found problems during the Compact process.
NOTE: Jetcomp.exe, which is included with Jet35sp3.exe, is a standalone utility that allows you to compact databases created with Microsoft Jet database engine 3.x. This utility may be used in conjunction with Microsoft Jet database engine 3.51 for recovering corrupted databases. Although it is possible to use the Microsoft Access Compact utility or the CompactDatabase method with Microsoft Jet database engine 3.51, Jetcomp.exe may be able to recover some databases that these utilities could not. 

WhosOn97 (Access 97)
I found this utility many years ago and it is used to find out who is in the database.  It was originally created by Mark Nally for Access 2.0.  The Readme file included in the zip has more information.  (Thanks to Gustav Brock for pointing out the originator.)

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